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The Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of An-Najah ‎National University welcomed a delegation from Wageningen ‎University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. The delegation was ‎represented by Dr. Marianne van Dorp, Manager Business ‎Development at WUR.‎

The delegation was accompanied with Dr. Jehad Abbadi from Al-‎Quds University and was received by Dr. Heba Al-Fares, An Najah’s ‎Dean of the Faculty ‎of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.‎

The visit aimed to discuss possible means of cooperation ‎between ‎the ‎two universities in ‎academic and research as ‎well as developing ‎effective partnership to offer and conduct joint research programs.‎

The delegation also discussed further means of partnership ‎between ‎the two universities including building ‎and developing collaboration in ‎different fields such as‎ plant production, animal production and food ‎processing.‎

After the meeting, the delegation took a tour of the faculty’s farms. ‎The delegation was able to learn more about the Faculty of ‎‎Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine's facilitates, ‎services and ‎‎‎infrastructure.‎

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