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An-Najah University's Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) recently organized an employment readiness workshop for the University's engineering students.

The workshop was given by Ms. Rawan Al-Tayeh, An-Najah's graduate from the Energy & Environmental Engineering Department.

It aimed to provide participants with strategies, techniques and practical tips as well as basic skills needed to prepare them for the workplace in the future and understand the current labour market.

Ms. Al-Tayeh talked about the energy and environmental engineering program between theory and practice. She also talked about the skills and qualifications that engineering students need to succeed in the labour market. In addition, she referred to the gap between the graduate job skills and the skills needed in the workplace.

Furthermore, she talked about the importance of employability skills for graduates in entering the workforce to meet the needs of labour markets.

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Al-Tayeh engaged in a question and answer session with the participants.

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