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Mr. Jalal Salman and Mr. Khaled Mufleh from An-Najah National ‎University participated in the launch of the guidance day at Al-Quds ‎and Bethlehem Universities. The event is organized by the Ministry of ‎Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific ‎Research annually.‎

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Higher ‎Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Mousa Abu Mowais. The ‎event included more than 20 high educational institutions of ‎universities and colleges in Palestine and around 2000 students from ‎Jerusalem schools.‎

An-Najah representatives also participated in the guidance day at ‎Bethlehem University which included around 3000 students from ‎Bethlehem schools.‎

They presented detailed explanation about the University's academic ‎programs, admission procedures and requirements and scholarships.‎

The aim of this day is to introduce high school students to the ‎different academic programs offered by Palestinian higher education ‎institutions and help them make their study choices.‎

It is worth mentioning that this day will be held at other Palestinian ‎universities distributed throughout the country’s governorates in ‎order to improve the level of vocational guidance provided to high ‎school students.‎

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