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Dr. Abdul Hafeez Dalab, An-Najah Graduate from the Faculty of ‎Agriculture Veterinary Medicine, and Research Assistant at King ‎Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, recently discussed his PhD thesis in ‎veterinary medicine, which is the first of its kind to be discussed in the ‎Arabian Gulf Region.‎

The thesis titled: " Molecular and Morphological Investigations of the ‎Effect of Thermal Manipulation During Embryogenesis on Thermo-‎Tolerance and Muscle Structure in Broilers" indicates that TM1 ‎during embryogenesis improve hatchability, muscle growth, body ‎performance and thermotolerance in broiler and may be applied by ‎commercial breeders to produce more enhanced broiler chickens.‎

The thesis aimed to determine the optimum timing of thermal ‎manipulation (TM) during embryogenesis that may result in ‎improvement of body performance and myofiber development (fiber ‎diameter and thickness of perimysium) of pectoral and thigh muscles ‎by a comparative morphometrical and ultrastructural investigation at ‎post-hatch day 35 of age.

Moreover, it aimed to investigate any ‎possible effect of thermal manipulation on genetic polymorphisms of ‎Hsp70 during embryogenesis in broiler chicken and mRNA levels of ‎expression of Heat stress genes (Hsp70, CK, LDH,), Myogenic ‎regulation factors (MyF-5, IGF-1, GH, MyoD, Myogenin, and ‎Myostatin) and Myogenic upstream activation factors (Wnt, Shh, ‎Pax-7, Atrogein-1 and PCNA) in muscle during embryogenesis and ‎during subsequent thermal challenge (TC) at post- hatch day 35.  ‎

Dr. Dalab joined the Faculty of ‎Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at An-Najah University in 2004 ‎and graduated in 2009 and was in high academic standing.

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