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Prof. Maher Natsheh, An-Najah President, honored faculty members ‎of An-Najah National University who have developed meritorious, ‎and sustained records of excellence in e-learning at the University. ‎

An-Najah's Excellence Award in E-Learning provides annual ‎recognition of faculty members whose work has had a ‎significant impact in e-learning. The award focuses on the best and ‎innovative use of the new information technologies to enhance e-‎learning in the University.‎

The award's winners displayed a strong, and consistent commitment ‎to quality online teaching and learning, as evidenced by teaching and ‎scholarly activities designed to advance the quality of online teaching ‎and learning. ‎

They also displayed effective and innovative online teaching practices ‎that result in student engagement, student satisfaction, and ‎effectiveness in achieving desired learning outcomes.‎

This year award was granted to Dr. Mustafa Ghanim, Dr. Mohammad ‎Qneibi, and Dr. Manal Hbaisheh from the Faculty of Medicine and ‎Health Sciences in first place. The second place went to Dr.Lubna Al-‎Kharraz from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences; while, the ‎third place went to Dr. Hani Farran from the Faculty of Fine Arts, ‎and Dr. Maryam Al-Tal from the Faculty of Medicine and Health ‎Sciences.‎

During the meeting, Prof. Natsheh commended the efforts made by ‎An-Najah's E-Learning Center staff, especially the Center's Director ‎Dr. Saida Affouneh. ‎


An-Najah's E-Learning Center focuses on the importance of ‎employing technology in the teaching-learning process and addresses ‎the issue of development of the academic process management ‎through the implementation of technology as a means for reinforcing ‎education.‎

The Center aims to arrive to a high-quality education in both learning ‎and teaching, in order to achieve the best educational, training and ‎social outcomes to be able to compete with higher education ‎institutions.‎

The Center also seeks to design and develop high-quality, combined ‎courses, to improve the outcomes of education, by developing ‎teachers' and students' competency, providing support and funding ‎projects for it and conducting supportive experimental, evaluation, ‎processional and survey research.‎

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