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PMSA NABLUS of An-Najah National University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences hosted the doctors Mahmoud Odat, ATLS Jordan Chapter Chair and Osama Odat, ATLS Instructor ACS.

Both doctors supervised two training programs for medical students over two days on Basic Surgical Skills (BSS) and Trauma Evaluation and Management (TEAM).

BSS program aimed to teach students how to demonstrate safe operating techniques, use a variety of surgical knots safely and effectively, confidently handle and use surgical instruments, handle tissues confidently with due regard to their unique properties and use endoscopic instruments in a practical and safe way.

On the other hand, TEAM program provided the medical student with an overview of the purpose and concepts of immediate management of the injured patient and a basic understanding of the principles of trauma care, including: rapid, accurate, and physiologic assessment of the patient's condition; resuscitation, stabilization, and monitoring of the patient, according to priority; and preparation for the patient's inter-hospital transfer, if the patient's needs exceed the facility's capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that Doctor Mahmoud Odat is Senior Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon; Chair of Education AOTrauma Middle East & North Africa; Chair of Fellowship program AOTrauma Middle East; Chair of ATLS-Jordan; AO International Faculty Gold Member; AAOS International Affiliate Member and Overall Chair of Regional Dubai AOTrauma Courses since 2013.

In addition, Dr. Osama Odat is Fellow at AOTrauma; Chief Operations Officer at OMTEC; ATLS Instructor at American College of Surgeons; Resident Orthopedic Surgeon at Prince Hamzah Hospital; Vice President at Odat Orthopedics; Lecturer at The Hashemite University; and CEO & Founder at Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip organization.

At the end of the program, student Ibrahim Al-Qaisi, Chair of PMSA NABLUS and student Mutasem Daraghmeh, Chair of the International Federation of Medical Students Association ‎‎(IFMSA) on behalf of Dr. Waleed Basha, PMSA NABLUS Supervisor offered the two doctors honorary plaques as an appreciation for their efforts.

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