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On Sunday , June 23, 2019, the Office of International Development and ‎External Affairs (IDEA) in ‎cooperation with the Faculty of Education ‎held an intensive 'Intercultural Language Teaching ‎Workshop.' The ‎workshop was attended by local school principals, English teachers, and ‎English ‎Teaching Methods students‏. ‏

The workshop was divided into three sessions that focused on practical ‎exercises teachers can use ‎to introduce their students to concepts of ‎culture, develop intercultural sensitivity, foster cultural ‎self-awareness in ‎the classroom, and utilize drama exercises to promote cultural ‎understanding‏.

The workshop was led by Ms Lacie Raymond, an American English ‎Language Fellow and current ‎PhD candidate at Dublin City University in ‎Applied Language and Intercultural Studies. Mr Yousef ‎Abu Zaid also ‎led a session on integrating drama exercises into the classroom. ‎

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