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A delegation of academic and administrative staff from An-Najah National ‎University recently concluded their participation in an expertise exchange program ‎at the University of Stavanger in Norway. ‎

The delegation included Dr. Aida Al-Qaisi, Head of the Department of Nursing and ‎Midwifery at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Suhail Salha, Head ‎of Early Childhood Department at the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher ‎Training, Dr. Bilal Hamamra, Assistant Professor of English Literature at the ‎Department of English Language and Literature, and Ms. Nermin Habaybeh, ‎Director of An-Najah Montessori Kindergarten and Coordinator of Early Childhood ‎Training Programmes at An-Najah Child Institute.‎

The visit aimed to strengthen the existing partnership between An-Najah and the ‎University of Stavanger, and explore new areas of cooperation within health ‎sciences, arts, humanities, early childhood education and educational sciences.‎

During the visit, the delegation had meetings with academic leaders and ‎administrative staff at the Department of Early Childhood and the Department of ‎Nursing at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Stavanger. The delegation ‎was particularly pleased to be able to discuss and exchange experiences in Palestine ‎and Norway. These meetings proved to be productive and resulted in clear plans for ‎a path forward in developing future joint programming.  ‎

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