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To provide on capacity building on online curriculum design, a three-day workshop on TAP ‎Project ‘Transforming Assessment Practices in Large Enrollment First Year Education’ was ‎implemented from 30th January to 1stFebruary, 2019 in Athens, Greece. Main emphasis of the ‎workshop was given on developing curriculum mapping with online content creation and the ‎intellectual property laws, and open source material use. 12 participants from 4 Palestinian ‎universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip including An-Najah National University ‎participated in the training.

The workshop was led by a group of professors including Dr. Briony Supple & Dr. Laura Lee, ‎from UCC, Ireland and Prof. Titular Derecho Internacional Privado, from University of ‎Alicante, Spain.‎

On the first day, Dr. Briony Supple & Dr. Laura Lee, from UCC, Ireland, introduced methods ‎and facilitated activities on curriculum mapping and on upgrading the technology tools usage.  ‎The participants had the opportunity on mapping their courses delivery techniques, both ‎conventionally and digitally, entailing significant changes for better course-mapping. ‎

On the second day of training, Prof. Titular Derecho Internacional Privado, from University of ‎Alicante, delivered training on:‎

  • ‎Intellectual property
  • IP-related Aspects of Education
  • ‎Open Content and Open Access ‎
  • How to use Exceptions to Copyright and Contents in Open Access to Configure a ‎Training Course

On the final day, the participants were trained on the instructional video creation tools such as ‎Camtasia Studio, they will work on producing their own instructional videos for the TAP ‎courses. ‎

The participants were trained on recoding, editing and production options which can support ‎designing a full range of lessons and activities.‎

At the end of the workshop, the participants requested follow up training on instructional video ‎production tools to organized in Brizeit University in the West Bank and the University College ‎of Applied Science in Gaza. ‎

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