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An-Najah National University has recently obtained the Ministry of Education and Higher Education accreditation for the Public Health Management Master's programme which resulted from the Erasmus+ Mediterranean Public Health Alliance (MED-HEALTH).

The programme was established in cooperation with a number of European universities in the U.K, Brussels and Spain. The participating universities will offer training for the students through the EU Erasmus+ programme. There will be aslo student exchange programmes between the participating Arab and European universities.

The programme is a joint master's degree programme between six universities from Jordan, Tunisia and Palestine. These universities will have future cooperation regarding student exchange.

The programme will be available for BA students enrolled in medicine and administration disciplines of An-Najah or other recognized universities. Students who are willing to join the programme can have the admission forms from the Deanship of Admission and Registration at An-Najah National University in the Old Campus.

The programme aims to offer administrative staff who are able to work in the different departments of the health field. The programme provides modern scientific methods in the field of health management and health services to help students in getting jobs and complete their post-graduate studies.

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