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An-Najah National University has recently participated in the 6th International Pharmaceutical Conference titled: "New Horizons in Pharmaceutical Research".

The event was over two days from November 29th – November 30th, 2017 and took place at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan.

The conference aimed to promote the globalization of pharmaceutical education and professional practice by enhancing the active involvement of pharmacists.

An-Najah participation included submitting a number of research papers by Professor Waleed Sweileh, Dr. Belal Rahal, Dr. Sa’ed Zyoud, Dr. Iyad Al-Ali, Dr. Samah Al-Jabi, Prof. Ansam Sawalha, Dr. Ahmad Eid and Dr. Murad Abualhasan.

Prof. Tariq Al-Qirim, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Zaytoonah University mentioned that the conference shed light on the topics drug delivery and pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, natural products chemistry, drug discovery, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology and toxicology, clinical pharmacy, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical marketing and economics, pharmaceutical management and the basics of profession practice.

Prof. Sweileh and Dr. Rahal presented their papers titled: "Antibiotic resistance in outpatient urinary isolates obtained from three different regions in West-Bank, Palestine" and "Pharmacy students’ knowledge and attitudes about antibiotics in Nablus- Palestine" respectively.

Dr. Zyoud and Dr. Al-Ali talked about their studies titled: "Knowledge about the administration and regulation of high alert medications among nurses in Palestine: a comparative cross-sectional study" and "Antenatal corticosteroids and fetal lung immaturity in preterm birth" respectively.

Dr. Al-Jabi and Prof. Sawalha also presented their research papers titled: "Assessment of the use of complementary and alternative medicine among pediatrics from Palestine" and "What do patients want to be counseled about by the pharmacist" respectively.

Finally, Dr. Eid's study titled: "Nifedipine self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system development and evaluation" and Dr. Abualhasan study titled: "Evolution of quality of water used in Palestinian haemodialysis centers" were discussed during the conference.

It is worth mentioning that participating research papers will be published by Scopus soon.


  • The conference was held in cooperation with the University of Toledo in the U.S.
  • The conference included 65 research papers presented by participants from the U.S, the U.K, Pakistan, Germany, Qatar, Palestine, South Korea, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the UAE and Libya.

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