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Dr. Rabeh Morrar, staff member at the Economics Department at An-Najah has recently participated in the 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences.

The event took place from August 22nd – August 27th, 2017 in Lindau, Germany and was attended by a group of economy researchers from different parts of the world.

The meeting included lectures given by the Nobel laureates on different economy topics. The researchers were divided into small groups to exchange information about new research ideas.

The Vice-Chancellor of Germany was there to talk about the means adopted by the German government to support and encourage scientific research and how to benefit from the financial resources granted by the German government in this field. The attendees also discussed with him the Republic of Germany orientation with regard to the fourth generation of industry where technology plays a major role in the industrial sector.

Dr. Morrar discussed with a number of researchers possible means of future joint research projects that might contribute to the development of scientific research in Palestine.

It is worth mentioning that an Arab research team was created to start future joint research projects. The team included representatives from Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Algeria.


  • The meeting included 19 Nobel Laureates met with 300 international young economists from 80 countries around the world.

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