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An-Najah National University has recently concluded the activities of the Constitutional Building in Palestine and Beyond Conference and presented its conclusions and recommendations.

The conference was over two days from May 3rd - May 4th, 2017 and took place at the Prince Turkey Ben Abdul Aziz Theatre in the New Campus.

On the first day, the conference sessions shed light on the topics of drafting constitutions and the separation of powers.

On the second day, the sessions mainly tackled constitutional justice and issues that appear even in perfect constitutions.

The conference resulted in a number of recommendations, most important of which are drafting the constitution through a wide popular participation, promoting the importance of the separation of powers and opening political and social dialogues on the system whether it is presidential, semi-presidential or parliamentary.

The conference participants also recommended focusing on the law of the Constitutional Court, promoting women’s role and defending their rights through the constitution and considering other modern constitutional experiences as well as holding further seminars and scientific workshops to achieve the conference objectives.

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