Community Outreach

The university offers several projects and programmes in the fields of social and educational ‎services ‎and voluntary work.

Currently, An-Najah Homes around 20,000 students and offers them opportunities to be ‎involved in ‎community service activities that develop their academic and cultural skills.

In the year 2016 and 2017, An-Najah National University managed to achieve several ‎academic and social services and contributions. For example, it offered 6809 scholarships ‎to its students and 323 ones to students with disabilities.‎

An-Najah organizes annually more than 500 lectures on community service to encourage voluntary work ‎as 4500 students enrolled in the community service courses in the year 2016. They ‎accomplished 220,000 hours of voluntary works in more than 1000 public and private ‎organizations and institutions. In addition to that, a number of university students ‎donated 4000 blood units to public and private hospitals.‎

The university also offered 16 community based learning courses, held more than 200 social ‎workshops and activities and founded supportive educational programme that homed 200 ‎volunteers.‎

An-Najah always contributes to the development of the Palestinian community; ‎therefore, it handled more than 7000 cases of poverty, unemployment, disability and other ‎social and economic ‎problems ‎ and rehabilitated 193 houses and facilities.‎ Moreover, around ‎‎130 groups of An-Najah students worked in housing programmes to improve living ‎‎conditions ‎and provide healthy and safe environment to some poor and homeless families.‎

Volunteering and Community Service

The Volunteer and Community Service is one of the Community Service Unit programmes that attract and ‎recruit volunteers to participate in various activities. Students and graduates of the community service ‎courses form the center’s largest group of volunteers.

Engineering and the Community Course

The engineering and the community course is a two-credit-hour ‎elective course which is open for all students except students from ‎engineering departments.‎

The course aims at introducing its enrollees to engineering and social ‎engineering’s definition, sections and role in the development of ‎individuals and the community. The course also aims at reinforcing ‎social voluntary work in the Palestinian society.‎

To pass the course, students work in groups and take various tasks ‎related to engineering such as reconstructing houses of some poor ‎families, maintaining facilities in schools and public institutions and ‎others.‎

Supportive Education Programme

This programme was established to assist children with learning disadvantages arising from social problems ‎and difficulties in their home lives, such as orphan-hood, parental separation, illiterate parents or parents ‎with low-levels of education, families with a high dependency ratio, and families with poor and unhygienic ‎housing.‎

This programme is supervised through cooperation between the Community Service Center and the Directorate of Education in ‎Nablus governorate.

Community Based Learning

The community based learning initiative focuses on engaging learners with the surrounding community ‎through the Centre of Excellence in order to achieve An-Najah’s vision in improving education in Palestine. ‎The centre offers 16 CBL courses, and more than 1150 students and faculty members participate in training ‎courses and annual symposium.

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