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Ibdaa Al Funoon is An-Najah's first creative works magazine that will be distributed across the campus. The magazine is an opportunity for students to share and get recognition for their creative works. This can be anything from literary works such as poetry and short stories (in either English or Arabic) to visual arts such as photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture. You don't have to be an art or literature major to share your work. If you enjoy these things in your free time then now you have a chance to showcase your hidden talents! All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of professors and staff and the best will be selected to be published. The final deadline is March 16th but if you want to receive feedback for revision for literary works the deadline is March 2nd.

Instructions for how to submit:

  1. Email your work as an attachment to [email protected]
  2. Include your name and the title of your work.
  3. Submission can be either English or Arabic.

Rules for submissions:

  1. Must be a current or former student of An-Najah.
  2. All literary work must be original. Plagiarized work will not be published.
  3. If artwork is copying another artist, credit the original artist.
  4. Literary work must be shorter than 15 pages (double-spaced).
  5. Photos of artwork must be at least 300 dpi.
  6. Do not submit more than three works per person. 
  7. No inflammatory or offensive work will be published. 

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