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An-Najah National University has received a grant from the U.S. Consulate for the project entitled: The University- Industry Curriculum Development for the Information Technology Program. This project is designed to improve the learning opportunities by creating the right match between the degree program and the needs of businesses, engaging learners in authentic business environments, providing personalized support . ANNU in collaboration with IT sector companies and Northwestern University will design a new IT undergraduate program with a focus on company apprenticeship experience.

Assignment Objectives         

The market needs assessment study will target local companies in order to determine their needs and expectations from the target courses and program tracks.

An-Najah National University is now considering the selection of a professional and qualified expert consultant, who will work on identifying the following components related to the needs assessment study:

  • needed practical knowledge and soft skills which the Palestinian market demands from fresh graduate students.
  • new IT trends that can be integrated in the target curriculum .
  • host and mentor capacity of potential partner companies.
  • classify and diagramming  local IT companies depending on their specialty and areas of expertise.
  • recommendations on a working model for the proposed program.

The results of the MNA will be used in designing faculty training modules and will guide the course and program design work also.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

The Needs Assessment Consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Develop, design, and implement an effective methodology and implementation plan to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment study for Palestinian IT Market Needs and new trends.
  • Design, implement and manage all needed activities to analyze and identify IT markets needs and requirements.
  • Map out any curriculum interventions and needed actions that are necessary to bridge any  gaps in needs and/ or requirements.  
  • present and discuss the results of the study with the project steering committee
  • Prepare and submit a final report showing all implemented activities, their results, and recommendations.


  1. Approved proper Methodology and Implementation Plan to conduct the assignment.
  2. Relevant Data Collection Tools.
  3. Final Comprehensive Report documenting the whole conducted studies including but not limited to: implemented activities, results, findings, recommendations, proposed actions, IT market Practical and applied knowledge current needs and lessons learnt.  

Essential Required Qualifications:

  • At least Master or PhD degree in IT or Engineering or related discipline from a recognized University. Qualified candidates with relevant professional certificates are also eligible to apply.
  • 5 years market experience.
  • Conducted at least 2 similar assignments.
  • High skills in gathering and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Excellent reports writing skills.
  • Strong communication skills.

Duration work time is two months.

Interested must submit their CV or resume along with relevant competences, comprehensive experience record and the job title through sending an email to [email protected] by 2:00 pm, Thursday, 5-1-2017. 

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