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An-Najah National University has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) Education to Work Transition Project/Additional Financing -

Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research and funded by the World Bank for the project entitled (Transforming Agriculture Curriculum and Training Practices – TACT). Accordingly, the proposed project is designed to improve the learning and training opportunities for agriculture students by gradually moving towards more experiential learning approaches. The main focus for this effort is directed towards providing learners with more authentic learning experiences and towards defining and addressing the needs of the agricultural companies and sectors in the national market. This project comes as part of ANNU’s effort to reform curriculum plans in the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (FAVM). The project targets the senior year courses in the agricultural education. Its main goal is to redesign and implement course plans in collaboration with the private sector so the courses will provide the students with more opportunities to learn via more authentic experiences by working on agricultural companies’ real-time projects. The project has started in 2017 and will end in 31st Aug., 2020.

Assignment Objective:

An-Najah National University is considering the selection of a highly qualified part time-Project Coordinator to be responsible for all the coordination and implementation of the remaining activities of the project under the supervision of the Project Director.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Under the general direction of the Project Manager, and in close coordination with the steering committee, the project consultant will be responsible for the following:

  1. Assisting project team in the implementation of the project work plan and lead closing down the project.
  2. Coordinating the projects remaining activities.
  3. Prepare the documents needed for closing the project, administrative and financial documents.
  4. Support project evaluation process (upon relevance).
  5. Communicate project updates with partners and stakeholders, lead project dissemination of results.
  6. Participating in the preparation of quarterly, and final reports.
  7. Preparing the financial reports and payment requests in coordination with project accountant and as per the grant requirements.
  8. Reviewing and following up any recommendations related to management of the project from the external auditors, Ministry/ PCU, and /or World Bank requirements;

Qualifications and Skills:

  1. University degree in Management, Engineering or any related field (minimum Good).
  2. Minimum of two years of professional (hands-on) experience in coordinating projects (preferably similar assignments) funded by international donors.
  3. Excellent communication and networking skills.
  4. Excellent reporting and formal writing skills in both English and Arabic.
  5. Excellent technical, interpersonal and conceptual administrative skills.
  6. Excellent Command of English Language.
  7. Budgeting and Computer Skills.

Place of work:

An-Najah National University (Consultant will be directly supervised by the project director).

Time Frame:

The consultant shall work part time for 3 days per week and the duration of the assignment will be 7 months.

Contract Type:

Time based contract


Interested Applicants are invited to submit their applications and C.V. to the following E-mail: [email protected], so attach the job title in your e-mail.

The deadline for application submission is Thursday, 20/02/2020, before 2.00 PM.

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