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E-Learning Centre

An-Najah National University aims at adopting technology to enhance the quality of higher ‎education in various fields to achieve the best educational and training outcomes.

Therefore, ‎the University established the E-Learning Centre to provide its students and staff with a ‎friendly educational environment and develop their academic skills.

The Centre’s Achievements 2016/2017

The E-Learning Centre has accomplished a number of achievements. During ‎‎2015/2016, the centre offered 1455 electronic courses in addition to training ‎workshops for 504 academic staff members. Afterwards, 13135 students were included in ‎electronic courses, and 274 recorded courses with 8439 recorded lectures were offered to An-Najah students and the ‎local community in general.

E-learning is useful because the learner does not comply with a specific time to learn.
Azhar Balatyah
E- learning is a valuable and effective learning method as it saves time, effort and money. It also facilitates the learning process for students and teachers.
Ahmad Khader

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