Available Resources

The Unit has several highly qualified staff members as well as advanced laboratories and equipment.

The Unit is run by a director and a board of several members. Board members are ‎all faculty members of the Civil Engineering Department who are highly ‎experienced and qualified in the Unit’s fields of work.‎

The board members hold PhDs in Civil Engineering in the following ‎specializations:‎

  • Material and Structural Engineering    ‎
  • Materials, Highways, and Pavement Systems Engineering   ‎
  • Transportation Planning and Infrastructure

There are also several engineers, technicians, and support staff working at the ‎Unit.
Furthermore, other University staff is available to share their expertise in the ‎multidisciplinary fields to support projects, research, and studies at the Unit.

The unit has several spacious laboratories with advanced equipment:

  • Construction Material Laboratory.
  • Structures Laboratory.
  • Mechanics of Materials Laboratory.
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory.
  • Highway and Pavement Laboratory.
  • Traffic Engineering Laboratory.

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