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Construction and Transportation Research Unit

The general objective of establishing the unit was to utilize the available resources ‎at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University to support projects and ‎research studies in the area of construction and transportation engineering.

Furthermore, the unit focuses on serving Palestinian society by conducting ‎experiments and technical studies.

The unit aspires to achieve sustainable development by setting the standards ‎and conditions for local construction and transportation work. It also aspires to ‎offer high quality research services in the field of construction and ‎transportation.

  • Contributing in local and international projects such as green buildings and transportation to develop mutual cooperation with stakeholders.
  • Developing the unit's equipment  that are needed for the constructed buildings and roads.
  • Reinforcing communication with stakeholders through MOUs and workshops.
  • Reinforcing communication with the different units of the University’s scientific  center.
  • Developing mutual cooperation with international parties to contribute in long-term projects.
  • Promoting the unit through media and reinforcing mutual cooperation with the local institutions.
  • Expanding current activity in external experiments.
  • Reinforcing mutual cooperation with the private sector.

The unit aims at providing a convenient work environment, support and training to its staff. It also aims at offering developed test methods according to the ISO17025 international standards.

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