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Ibdaa is created on the basis of stimulating technology research and innovation at the four Palestinian universities, and investing in seed fund in innovative entrepreneurial projects in partnership with the private sector.

Ibdaa seed fund investment model will be based on the criteria of funding projects with team models created on the basis of having students, teachers, and a private sector pioneers. Ibdaa will invest in a milestone-based seed fund in order to develop innovative technological prototypes and eventually create companies out of these prototypes to commercialize them into bankable startups locally, regionally, and globally.

To promote establishing creative ICT research and innovation environment and technology transfer integrated within the Palestinian Universities.

Nurture and invest in university innovative ideas to commercialize them into bankable startups.

  • Supporting creative projects ideas to establish startup companies.
  • Developing the national economy.
  • Reduce the gap between universities students and market.
  • Strengthening the relationship between academia & industry.
  • Enhance research and innovation culture in universities and within the private sector
  • commercializing the new startups with a robust strategy and a mature product or service.
  • Marketing Campaign in ANU.
  • Marketing campaign in AAUJ.
  • Marketing campaign in Quds university.
  • Marketing Campaign in PPU.
  • Ibdaa Technological Conference.
  • Capacity Building Sessions.
  • Clebration of Innovation with american corner & NaBIC in ANU.
  • Cewas Program Session with NaBIC in ANU.

Ibdaa is a partner with: 

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