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Entrepreneurship at An-Najah

An-Najah aims at pushing the wagon of the Palestinian economy onward, therefore; it builds ties with the local community through carrying out pioneering projects and supporting entrepreneurs by offering them the needed resources and facilities. An-Najah has established several units to support entrepreneurial projects and strengthen relations with the public and private sectors to design joint economic initiatives.

Technology Transfer (IBDAA)



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Innovation Support

An-Najah offers academic experts and initiators support for students' ‎innovative ideas and encourage entrepreneurship in Palestine in ‎general.‎


An-Najah Business Innovation and Partnership Centre (NaBIC) is dedicated to enhancing the innovative culture among An-Najah students by offering and organizing several projects and competitions in cooperation with business incubators 

Information Technology Incubator

An-Najah Information Technology Incubator is a vital tool that helps distinguished students develop their entrepreneurial projects to make them marketable and competitive. The Incubator provides students with several services and support in various fields such as product development, finance, management and marketing.

Startup Projects

An- Najah, in partnership with Ibdaa, contributes to building and developing startup projects by offering financial and technical support to its entrepreneurial staff and groups.

Ibdaa supports the following innovative entrepreneurial projects:

The project (the device) consists of sensors that scan the quality of treated ‎water and send the reading to a device that converts it to a computerized ‎reading. These readings are stored in order to follow up the progress of water ‎treatment systems and detect problems before occurrence. If the water is ‎examined and the results are higher than expected, the device sends a message ‎to those responsible for the system; a system, unlike traditional ones, easy to ‎manage anytime and anywhere.‎

Electricity distributors use many kinds of electricity meters which work in different ways such as card, memory and token in order to control the sale of electricity and reduce the growing debt.

While National Authority and contributed through projects funded from donor countries in providing prepaid meters to help the electricity distribution companies to reduce the growing electricity debt that affect the general budget of the Authority, but the age of the prepaid meters is 5-7 years and the percentage of errors is 4-14% annually; so this is a financial drain on National Authority, donor funds, electricity distribution companies. From the previous problems, we decide to establish a company to produce smart meters and exploitation of thousands of prepaid meters.

Is a system that fights spam through an innovative approach that kills spammers’ motivation to send spam emails, and therefore reduces the cost of fighting spam at ISP level in terms of eliminating bandwidth and storage costs, which constitute the bulk of spam fighting costs.

SpamTax acts as a middle layer between senders and receivers   of spam and monitors the behaviour of senders to detect spammers through an algorithm.

Once a spammer is detected, SpamTax delays spammer’s emails. The more a spammer sends emails, the more is the delays time; hence it kills spammers’ motivation to send spam email to the client.

Is an intelligent speaking gadget that uses natural language user interface. It will act as a personal assistant to basically help the blind person to  determine the types and locations of spices, etc.., with a digital measuring scale.  A temperature sensor will be embedded in the spoon to detect heat; information  will be reported to the person through voice. A mobile application may be  connected with the Smart Spoon which by turn can read out these recipes to the person using it.

  • Interjoy.
  • EDGE.
  • Smart Electricity.
  • Intelicare.
  • Ektashef.
  • Save Your Electricity.
  • Selective Repeater.
  • Usebookee.
  • Handirate.

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