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The International Office facilitates the involvement of international guests, professors and ‎lecturers at An-Najah National University. From arranging guest lecturers, to organising ‎sabbaticals and international conferences, the International Office encourages interaction ‎with our academic partners from across the globe. If you are interested in any of the ‎following opportunities, or other options, please contact us at: [email protected]

All students benefit from the cross-cultural experience that comes from exchanging ideas and opinions through international conferences. At An Najah, many of our past video conferences have focused on sociopolitical situations in the Middle East, Muslim culture, or regional specific issues such as the impacts of the occupation. The facilities at An-Najah offer advanced technology for video conferences, which makes the University one of the rare places in Palestine where such academic exchange can be readily hosted.

If you wish to organize a video conference, the International Office will be more than happy to assist your correspondence and will aid you through each step of the process, from inception to completion. Past Video Conferences include:

Eastern Washington University (USA)

“Women in Islam”

Boston University (USA)

“Astronomy: Life and Science”

Georgetown University (USA)

“Condition in the West Bank and Gaza”

Morelia University (Mexico)

“Open Discussion Forum”

Ithaca College (USA)

“Autobiography and Political Justice”

Aberdeen University (UK)

“Western Youth Conceptions of the Middle East and Islam”

University of Arizona (USA)

“The U.S. Civil War”

International Studies School Association (USA)

“Living Under Occupation”

If your institution is interested in organizing such communication with our students, we encourage you to contact our office so that we can coordinate a panel of students according to your needs.

The unique nature of Palestine offers research and publication opportunities to ‎faculty members seeking sabbatical opportunities. Those interested in cross-‎cultural dialogues and the reward of lecturing and teaching in a foreign county will ‎find a lot to take away from An-Najah.‎

An-Najah will endeavor to provide you with an opportunity to expand your ‎research and teach, all while staying in the historic city of Nablus. Academics who ‎choose to spend their sabbatical at An-Najah will receive university housing and ‎transportation assistance.‎

An-Najah National University and its students are honored to welcome guest ‎lecturers to our institution. An-Najah prides itself on being the leading research ‎institution in the region and challenges our students to seek knowledge from any ‎resources made available. Past lectures have focused on topics as varied as:‎

  • The Role and Interpretation of Columbus Day in America.‎
  • Arabs and Muslims in Entertainment Media
  • Multiculturalism in Education.‎

The International Office can organize facilities, panel participants, and ‎promotions. If you would like to be considered as a guest lecturer we ask for a ‎brief outline as well as a timeframe for your lectures and the date(s) you would ‎like to speak. ‎

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