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International Students‎

An-Najah strongly believes in the positive impact the studying abroad experience has on ‎both the students' lives and the communities as a whole. Therefore, the university receives ‎many international students from different countries around the world every year. Check below to explore opportunities at An-Najah:

How to apply?

The application process depends on whether you will be joining An-Najah as a degree or a non-degree student:

Degree students:

  1. If you want to apply for an undergraduate program, you need to first get the local equivalent of your high school diploma from the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education in Ramallah. You can learn more about the equivalency criteria through the Ministry's Website: Once you are done with the equivalency process, you can apply to An Najah through the Registration and Admission Department.
  1. If you want to apply for a graduate program, you need to provide the Registration and Admission Department at An-Najah with the original copy of your undergraduate certificate, which should be obtained from an institution that is accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education.

Non-degree students:

If you want to apply as a non-degree student, you will either be an Erasmus+ student or an independent visiting student. In the case that your home university has an E+ agreement with An-Najah, then you have to apply through your home university, and your application will be processed in coordination with the Scholarships Office at An-Najah. On the other hand, if your home university does not have an exchange agreement with An-Najah, and you would like to apply as an independent visiting student, email the international office at: [email protected], and our staff will revert to you on due course.

Please be aware that while An-Najah is a licensed and internationally accredited university, certain institutions may have discrepancies when interpreting credit hours and applying them to domestic programs. Please check with your schools registrar’s office and discuss the matter.

Please also note that the visa issuance is determined by the Israeli authorities, and that An-Najah cannot sponsor student visas.

  • Language of instruction

The languages of instruction at An-Najah are Arabic and English. Although the university does not require any proof of language proficiency, you are advised to apply only to the program which you can understand its language of instruction well enough that you can comfortably cope with lectures, assignments and examinations. You can see below the language of instruction at each faculty in the university:


Language of Instruction

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine


Economics and Social Sciences(1)


Educational Sciences and Teacher Training(1)


Engineering and Information Technology


Fine Arts




Islamic Law (Shari'ah)




Medicine and Health Sciences




Graduate Studies(2)

Arabic / English

(1) These Faculties offer a few programs that are taught in English. If you are interested in any of their programs and you want to check its language of instruction, please contact us at [email protected].

(2) If you decide to apply to any of the programs at the Faculty of graduate studies, you can email us at [email protected] for more information about the language of instruction.

In addition to the various program options internationals have at An-Najah, the university's ‎Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute offers them the opportunity of learning Arabic ‎through its numerous courses and degrees.

For more information about the institute and ‎the registration process, check their website below:

Arabic for Non Natives Handbook

An-Najah National University is proud to offer a variety of internships for those who have ‎recently ‎graduated or are near completion of their studies. Interns at An-Najah will fully ‎utilize their collegiate ‎knowledge and familiarity with the English language. Interns typically:‎

  • Work on correspondences and greeting with international guests and dignitaries.‎
  • Help coordinate document preparation and assist in teaching classes.‎
  • Develop ties with universities, institutions, diplomatic missions, NGOs, and various ‎media groups ‎worldwide.‎

These internships provide individuals with a unique opportunity: a meaningful job within an ‎academic ‎setting. While also providing immersion within the beautiful terrain and ‎welcoming culture of Palestine, ‎an experience that is sure to be life changing.‎

We offer competitive salaries, benefits, accommodations, and travel arrangements for most ‎‎internships.‎
For those interested in applying, or for more information please contact our office directly ‎via email at: [email protected]

An-Najah's Public Relations Department offers volunteer opportunities for internationals ‎through its International Youth Exchange Program – ZAJEL. This program brings young people ‎from all over the world to Palestine to promote cultural exchange, challenge existing ‎perceptions of Palestinians, and equip An-Najah students to recognize and respect different ‎opinions, religions, and cultures.‎

Volunteers at An-Najah get involved in many activities, such as capacity building, public ‎speaking, film production, and English conversation training workshops as well as trips to ‎the different Palestinian associations, cities, refugee camps, villages and the desert. ‎

If you are interested in learning more about the ZAJEL program, and applying please visit: ‎

The beautiful city of Nablus provides a great setting for your studies. Make sure that you are well prepared to live and study in Nablus to get the most out of your ‎experience.

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