The Energy Center concentrates on research and development in the following areas and can offer consultancy in related projects.

  • Low-cost energy production.
  • Energy conservation and recovery.
  • Least-cost power planning.
  • Reduction of gas emissions (mainly CO2) by efficient use of energy.
  • Clean production of local energy sources.
  • Capacity planning and switch gears.
  • Network calculations and load forecasting.
  • Fault and stability analysis.
  • Power factor improvement and compensation systems.
  • Rehabilitation of electrical power systems.
  • Regular storage batteries.
  • Large stationary block battery systems.
  • Unit interruptible power supply systems (UPS).
  • Meteorological stations.
  • Database for solar radiation, wind speed and other weather parameters.
  • Passive and active solar heating and cooling for buildings.
  • Solar water heaters for domestic and industrial applications.
  • Solar dryers for vegetables and fruits.
  • Thermal codes for energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Electrification of remote and rural areas.
  • Water pumping from rural springs and wells.
  • Brackish water desalination.
  • Communication systems.
  • Cathode protection.
  • Potential studies of wind regions.
  • Mechanical applications for water pumping and drip irrigation.
  • Electrical applications: stand alone and grid connected systems.

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