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Joseph W. Dellapenna retired from Villanova University in 2016 after 40 years as a ‎professor of law there. He has worked on Middle Eastern water issues since 1982, ‎when he co-authored WATER IN THE MIDDLE EAST: CONFLICT OR COOPERATION? ‎‎(Thomas Naff & Ruth Matson eds., Westview Press, Boulder, CO: 1984), following ‎with numerous books and articles on Middle Eastern water issues. He also consulted ‎on Middle Eastern water issues, most recently as leader of the legal and institutional ‎team of the World Bank’s Feasibility Study for the Red Sea-Dead Sea Water ‎Conveyance Project (2009-2013).‎

Dr. Catherine Brölmann 

She is an associate professor of law at the University of ‎Amsterdam, Amsterdam Center for International Law. She is a member of the ‎Advisory Committee for Public International Law of the Netherlands Government. ‎She is co-editor-in-chief of the OUP online publication Oxford International ‎Organizations (OXIO) (with Jean d’Aspremont and Iain Scobie). Brölmann has ‎published and lectured widely on various topics of international law .For four ‎years she was on the board of the Geneva-based NGOWaterLex. A recent ‎publication in the field of Water Law is Sustainable Development Goal 6 as a ‎Game Changer for International Water Law (Sept 2018) in the “Reflection” series ‎of the European Society for International Law.

Gabriela Cuadrado-Quesada

Gabriela is an environmental lawyer and a social-legal researcher. Currently, she is ‎working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Integrated Water Systems ‎and Governance at the UNESCO-IHE, Institute for Water Education. She has more ‎than 10 years of professional experience in research, litigation and project ‎management. Her current research focuses on the interface between the design and ‎implementation of groundwater policy and legal frameworks and groundwater ‎governance. In particular, she studies the role of groundwater policy and law in ‎improving sustainable use and equitable access of water. ‎

Dr. Otto Spijkers

Dr. Otto Spijkers is Lecturer of Public International Law at Utrecht University, Senior ‎Research Associate with the Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS), ‎and researcher with the Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law ‎‎(UCWOSL).

He is a member of the Committee on the Role of International Law in ‎Sustainable Natural Resource Management for Development of the International Law ‎Association (ILA), and guest lecturer for Amnesty International The Hague.‎

Dr. Abdelrahman tamimi

Since graduation, Dr.Tamimi has worked in the field of water resources in the ‎Occupied Territories.  During the last 25 years, activities focused on water resources ‎and integrated rural development. Before the establishment of the Palestinian ‎Authority he had been a member to the group of Palestinian counterparts to the EC ‎and the World Bank.  He shared in the initiation of priorities in planning for strategic ‎projects.  He  also worked as a consultant for institutions working in developing water ‎and environmental projects in the Occupied Territories (UNDP.GTZ,EU, AFD, World ‎Bank. etc.) and as coordinator for many relevant international research projects  such ‎as those related to water policy, and water resources planning. His expertise is also ‎prominent in water governance, institution building and reform.‎

Dr.Shaddad Attili

Ph.D. in Science and Industrial technology, Orleans, France.‎ Dr. Attili is Minister affiliated to the Negotiation Department in charge of Water file for ‎permanent status negotiations. Attili was the former Palestinian Minister of Water and ‎Head of the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) from 2008 to 2014, during which he ‎championed water law reform in the Palestinian Authority, enhanced efficient and ‎effective PWA services for Palestinian residents, and strongly defended Palestinian ‎water rights. In honor of his many contributions and accomplishments, Dr. Shaddad ‎Attili was awarded in 2013 the France’s highest decoration, the Legion d’Honneur, ‎by French President Francois Hollande.‎

Dr. Abdullah Musa Abu Eid

  • Bachelor of law in 1960, then a master of international relations and PhD in ‎international law from the University of Charles in Prague, both in English.‎
  • Worked as a lawyer and legal adviser for about 12 years.‎
  • ‎He studied law and international relations at three Palestinian universities and ‎three foreign universities, namely in Algeria, Belgium and the United States.‎
  • ‎Abu Eid received several research fellowships at foreign universities in Germany ‎from DAAD (twice), a Fulbright fellowship for one year in Seattle, a British Council ‎scholarship at the University of London (twice) and a research fellowship at McGill ‎University in Montreal, Canada.‎
  • He has published dozens of papers in Arabic and English in specialized books ‎and magazines, including 4 studies on water in Palestine.‎

Abu Eid was an associate professor until he retired in 2017‎

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