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The “Energy Research Center “at An-Najah National University conducted field ‎visits to some municipalities in Palestine , aimed at encouraging them using the ‎renewable energy in all sectors in their municipalities.

On the first of April 2016, ERC visited Bedia Municipality in Salfit Governorate in ‎Palestine, Dr Imad Ibrik – ERC Director ,met the Municipal Director and some of ‎administrative and technical staff in the Municipal, he explained them the ‎advantage of using renewable energy especially solar power energy in saving ‎their money, provides energy reliability, security, independency, and stopping ‎global warming.

The visits was part of the support service which was lunched as one of ‎ETRERA_2020 FP7 – EU Project (ERC Partner) activities to provide organizations ‎and institutions in Palestine and partner countries with innovative technology ‎services in R&D facilities in solar, wind and smart grid to speed up market transfer ‎of innovative solutions , provide start-up assistance and a business advisory link ‎between the work of researchers and SMEs market’s needs; and to support the ‎removal of barriers to enable viable, competitive and sustainable businesses.‎

Mentioned that the ERC signed a memorandum of understanding with five Industries, Companies, and research utilities in Palestine: Tubas District Electricity CO LTD, Tin Works Co., Seniora Food Company, Arab Women's Union Hospital (Ittihad hospital), and Al- Amour Industrial & Trading Co. Under ETRERA_2020 Project-Empowering Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Research Alliance for 2020 Challenges to establish collaboration - to develop a Research Results Valorization Service in order to contribute to reduce the gap between research and innovation in the renewable energy and energy conservation sectors in Palestine.

The ERC was delivered a detailed reports to the above institutions on the ‎possibility of feeding their production lines using renewable energy technologies, ‎and Energy Efficiency Methods and Technique.‎

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