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Welcome Message

Scientific Centers are the platform for research and project implementation that links the University with the community. The University, represented by its Board of Trustees and its Administration, continues its efforts to establish scientific centers that will contribute to sustainable development and maintain and enrich resource infrastructure of the Palestinian community.

Founded in 1994, the Scientific Centers of An-Najah University now includes 9 centers, each has its own sub units built according to the University's strategic and development plan.

The Centers were founded to complete the role of the University faculties with regards to applied research, empower human resources and encourage applied research. They also aim to strengthen the cooperation with similar local, Arab and international centers. In addition, the Centers cooperate with public and private sectors and aspire to spread their vision and raise the community awareness about their work through posters, brochures, workshops and short documentaries.

I would like to thank the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and its members as well as the University Administration and its President. I would also like to thank my fellows, the coordinators of the scientific centers, its experts and consultant of the University. All of them dedicated their time and efforts to achieve the University goals in streamlining for sustainable development.

Dr. Ihab Hijazi

Centers' Coordinator

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