Community Service Unit

The idea behind the foundation of the unit, a grassroots association, is to help the community solve problems and meet needs independently. The unit works with those in need of special treatment by helping provide them with their essential needs while empowering local communities to become self-supporting.

The center aims to achieve the following goals: 

  • Develop a relationship with the local community and utilise this relationship to meet the community's needs;
  • Leverage the value of voluntary work in the target community through professional and systematic methodologies, and move such initiatives away from just random or seasonal projects; and adapt this concept for application across Palestinian society to strengthen sustainable development efforts that target social needs through investment in human resources; 
  • Offer a space for humanities as well as specialised students to participate in social programs connected to their disciplines; 
  • Participate in social development and meet the community’s needs in ways that present a new model for other associations throughout the wider society;
  • Empower positive community participation in social development.

4,300 students enrolled in the community service courses and programmes (2014/2015):

  • Housing Program.
  • Mobile Center.
  • Volunteer and Community Service.
  • Psychological and Social Support.
  • Support for the Elderly.
  • Disabled.
  • Goodwill Forum.

Contact us: yaeesh building (3rd floor ) apartment No.303 , suffian St, Nablus, Palestine.

Tel. 0097292372402

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