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Interior Design & TV Decoration Centre


We aspire to achieve sustainable development through offering high quality services to the ‎community and the university students.‎


We aim at offering accredited services to the local community and producing competent cadres ‎who are creative and can achieve excellence. We also aim at developing the enrollees’ practical ‎skills and individual competencies to be able to compete in local and international labour markets.‎


  • Interior Design and Standard Measurements Unit
  • Tv Decor and Scenography Unit
  • Development, Creativity and Furniture Industry Unit
  • Painting and Graphic Design Unit


  • Practical Training: The centre offers the university students and graduates the opportunity to ‎do practical training on different academic levels.‎
  • Community: The centre offers the local community a variety of high quality services.
  • The university: The center provides the university with special services to develop its facilities ‎and beautify its buildings.

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