Centres' Directors

Prof. Jalal Dabbeek‎

Jalal Dabeek is a Professor at the Faculty of Engineering holding a doctorate in earthquake engineering ‎‎certificate (design buildings resistant to earthquakes and disaster risk reduction). He is Coordinator of ‎Scientific Centres, Director of Urban Planning and Disaster Risk Reduction Centre at An-Najah ‎and the Vice President of Palestinian National Agency for Disaster Risk Mitigation.


Dr. Imad Ibrik

Dr. Ibrik has a doctorate degree of electrical engineering with a specialization in power ‎system engineering ‎and planning. He is currently the Director of the Energy Research ‎Centre, an associate professor at An-Najah ‎National University and a ‎consultant expert in the area of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.‎


Dr. Amjad I.A. Hussein

Dr. Hussein finished his graduate study toward Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from ‎Kanazawa University, Japan. ‎Currently, he is a lecturer at faculty of Medicine and Health ‎Sciences and appointed as Director of Poison ‎Control and Chemical-Biological Analysis ‎Centre. His research interest is Antimicrobial activity of nano-particles ‎in different medical ‎and pharmaceutical combinations.


Dr. Abdel Fattah R. Hasan

Water and Environmental Studies Institute


Dr. Joni Aasi

Dr. Assi holds a doctorate in public law. He is an assistant professor at the Faculty of law and also the director ‎of the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Democracy at An-Najah.


Mr. Bilal Salameh

Mr. Salameh holds an MA in Community Service and another one in ‎Educational Management. He is a former ‎Dean for Students’ Affair and is ‎currently Director of the Community Service and Continuing Education Centre ‎at ‎An-Najah.‎

Dr. Hani Al-Farran

Dr. Al-Farran is a lecturer at An-Najah’s Faculty of Fine Arts. He obtained his PhD in interior ‎architecture (Television Decoration and Lighting division) from Damascus University. Currently, He ‎is the Director of the Interior Design and Television Decoration Centre and Head of the Applied Arts ‎Department at An-Najah.‎

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