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 An-Najah National University's Department of Political Sciences organized a meeting with of a group of academics, and researchers specialized in political sciences, international relations, and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

The delegation included Prof. Caroline j Metz, a Postdoctoral Research Associate at SPERI and a member of the Critical Political Economy Research Network, Dr. Sara Staniland and Dr. lisa Stampnitzky from the International Relations Department, Prof. Jan Salby, Professor of Politics and International Relations, and Dr. Jolie Pearn, Head of Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine.

The meeting was held via Zoom and aimed to share opinions, thoughts and observations on future possible areas of collaboration An-Najah University and the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University in ‎academic, and research.

It was attended by Dr. Hassan Ayoub, Head of the Political Sciences Department, Dr. Raed Neerat, Assistant Professor at the Political Sciences Department, and Coordinator of the Planning and Political Development MA Program, and Dr. Raed Al-Debai, from the Political Sciences Department at An-Najah.

Dr. Ayoub expressed hope to establish and explore ‎collaboration opportunities in political sciences and international relations, and discussed their similar research interests in various fields.

He also referred to the first Palestinian political forum, which will be organized in cooperation with Seeds Association for development and culture in the next month. The forum will focus on discussing the results of the US elections and their international, regional and local implications.

Also, Dr. Ayoub invited the guest delegation to participate in the forum, and develop future student and staff exchange programs.‎

Dr. Neerat talked about the Political Development MA Program, noting that the Political Sciences Department is working now on developing and establishing new PhD and master's programs in political sciences.

In turn, the delegation ‎was particularly pleased to be able to discuss and exchange experiences in Palestine ‎and the UK. These meetings proved to be productive and resulted in clear plans for ‎a path forward in developing future joint programing. 


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