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In the framework of the Improving Governance Practices and Palestinian Higher ‎Education Institutions (UniGOV) Project, a delegation from An-Najah National ‎University traveled to Siena, Italy to participate in the fifth UniGOV Project Meeting ‎from April 16-17, ‎‎2019. ‎

The delegation included Dr. Moayad Hattab, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Eng. Saja ‎Istitiyeh from the Projects Management Unit of the University. ‎

The visit included a project meeting with all participating partners as well as additional ‎meetings and activities that were arranged to share the successes of the University of ‎Siena’s human resource system with the aim of supporting further developments in ‎Palestinian universities’ own human resource and management structures.  All ‎Palestinian university partners of UniGOV were in attendance. ‎

The UniGOV Project addresses weaknesses in the existing governance systems across ‎higher education in Palestine. By establishing a comparative study with European ‎benchmark universities, UniGOV aims to establish a common governance framework ‎and promote the adoption of innovative practices to improve university governance in ‎Palestine.‎

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