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Consultancy and Services

An- Najah has a leading role in consulting services as it offers more than 1200 academics and ‎research staff members who respond to social needs in engineering and pure, applied, social, ‎agriculture and medical sciences.‎

In addition, An-Najah has more than 20 scientific centres and units that support‏ ‏academic ‎knowledge and expertise to the government‏ ‏and the public and private sector institutions.‎

The Projects Management and Consulting Unit (PMCU) adopts and manages high-quality, sustainable and entrepreneurial projects and offers consulting services through an interactive process gathering diverse professional experiences in one place.

The unit’s teamwork, competency, and resources facilitate implementing projects that match international standards. It also provides cutting-edge and innovative solutions to clients in various sectors.

The Unit Website.

An-Najah offers services and consultations to implement projects with regard ‎to energy and renewable energy systems and global environmental issues for ‎all Palestinian authorities, universities, industries, and other local parties.

Energy Research Centre Page.

The Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering Unit provides consultation in designing and evaluating seismic resistant structures.

The unit aims at exchanging information and consulting experiences in the fields of earth science and ‎seismic engineering. It also aims at building relations with other governmental institutions to prepare seismic ‎codes that match international standards.

The Unit Page.

An-Najah provides examination and analysis services in chemical and biological analysis, waste water, agricultural and industrial products, cement tests, non-destructive tests, green materials and other tests in various fields.
An-Najah also offers consultation to the industrial sector in Palestine, provides recommendations to improve productivity and quality and imposes supervision on its laboratories.

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The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) offers more than 85 consultation services to An-Najah faculty members and academic departments.

The centre provides An-Najah students and staff members with advice on learning and teaching methods, course and curriculum plans and assessment methods to enhance teaching and learning in particular courses or programmes.

Currently, the centre offers 23 training courses that contribute to incorporating more innovative teaching methods and techniques that facilitate the teaching-learning process.

CELT Website.

An-Najah aims at developing academic relations with the local community and ‎producing competent graduates in various disciplines to match its needs, ‎therefore; it allows them to participate in social and academic programmes.‎


  • ‎Housing Programme
  • ‎Mobile Centre
  • ‎Volunteer and Community Service
  • ‎Psychological and Social Support‏ ‏
  • ‎Support for the Elderly
  • ‎Disabled
  • ‎Goodwill Forum
  • ‎Blood Drive

Community Service Unit Page.

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