APCC Center Services

The APCC concerns in submitting its multiple services to the Palestinian ‎community with confidence and credibility in performance as well as with ‎commitment to achieve the highest quality standards in the:‎

  • Chemical and biological analysis of the product being consumed by ‎the Palestinian family in accordance to the local and international ‎standards.‎
  • Calibration control of the devices which are used in different ‎production sectors to ensure the proper examination and production ‎process.‎
  • Consultancy, expertise and studies submission in all fields related to ‎the APCC work; which will develop the Palestinian industries.‎
  • Research and scientific studies conduct for postgraduate students ‎from our real working field
  • Analysis of water and air in distinct geographical areas of the West ‎Bank and discussion of the involved risks with decision makers to ‎address them.‎
  • Improvement of the local drug quality through community ‎participation in conducting the pharmacological studies in order to ‎obtain effective and safe medicines for use.‎
  • Analysis and studies related to poisons and organic materials.‎
  • Training opportunities and workshops submission for all APCC-‎provided services and assays to individuals and institutions.‎

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