The Center Overview

In 1999, the “Analysis, Poison Control and Calibration Center (CBDA)” was ‎established as one of An-Najah National University specialized centers in the ‎field of delivering services to the Palestinian community, and a vital reflection of ‎the University's philosophy of the community service.‎

Since its inception until now, the Center has worked on consistently developing ‎and diversifying its services with high quality and professionalism to meet the ‎assorted and multi-growing needs of society. Thus, The Analysis Unit has been ‎the first effective and specialized units in conducting various services; which ‎include foodstuffs, medicines, cosmetics, detergents, raw materials, pesticides, ‎feed, water and air, in addition to their conformity examination to the local and ‎international standards. The Calibration Service has been added as specialized ‎service in the calibration field of devices and tools where being applied in the ‎production and service processes, and submitting these services to the center ‎itself, the University and the community.  ‎

As an effective response to the Palestinian community's urgent necessity, the ‎Poison Control and Drug Information Unit (PCDI) has been established to ‎provide the required information about poisoning, its cases, effects and ‎prevention methods. The unit provides its services to all society segments in ‎general and to the hospitals and health services centers in a specialized manner.‎

Currently, the University is focusing on developing its health services, effective ‎participation in the Palestinian citizen protection, the pharmaceutical industries ‎promotion, and the efficient local medicine submission to the Palestinian citizen ‎at lowest prices. The University's procession is wreathed in An-Najah ‎BioSciences Unit (NBU) addition to the Center’s units as a quantum leap and ‎the first of its kind at the level of health and clinical services in Palestine.‎

The building structure of the Center has undergone a lot of radical changes to ‎convoy with its capabilities and ambitions in the optimal providence of ‎qualitative and sustainable services to the Palestinian community, as evidenced ‎by the Center's name change from the “Chemical, Biological and Drug Analysis ‎Center (CBDA)”, passing by the “Poison Control, Chemical and Biological ‎Analysis Center (PCCBA)”, and ending with the “Analysis, Poison Control and ‎Calibration Center (APCC)”; by which its building system will be integrated ‎into the following units:‎

Who Are We?‎

  • We are a qualitative sequel consisting of integrated specialties in the fields ‎of Management, Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Agriculture, Ecology ‎and Biochemical Analysis.‎
  • We came to complete a pioneering idea that has been seeded by a ‎qualified academic staff at An-Najah National University since 1996 to ‎serve the community through the Scientific Centers. Our Staff is working ‎with concern and intention to submit services, experiences and ‎consultancy that will drive the national production spinning wheel ‎congruently with local and international standards.‎

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