Calibration Unit

To complete the mission of the scientific centers at An-Najah National University, based on supporting and serving the Palestinian society, a specialized unit in field of calibration of equipments and apparatus was established.

This unit is intended to complement the services offered by the scientific centers in terms of production and services, consultancy services, and testing and calibration services.

The Unit has a work system according to the requirements of the international quality standards for laboratories of testing, calibration ISO17025/2005, and accreditation requirements of PLAC.

  • Support the Palestinian society with legal and industrial calibration services.
  • Provide testing and calibration services for industries and laboratories.
  • Support the application of national standards of measurement.
  • Provide consultancy services in field of the calibration and metrology science.
  • Hold training courses on calibration and its equipment for industrial institutions and laboratories.
  • Participate in establishing a national calibration laboratory.
  • Participate in spreading the culture of quality concept by holding or participating in conferences and workshops.

The Unit's laboratory is supported with the required equipments and apparatus needed to provide professional and standard conditions. The laboratory's temperature and humidity are controlled by an air-conditioned room. In addition, the laboratory has very high-accuracy equipment and apparatus that are used in the calibration process.

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