Our Laboratories – Our Examinations

The Analysis and Calibration Unit (ACU) Laboratories are  characterized by ‎their high readiness and having:‎

  • Dedicated qualified / well-trained staff with extensive analytical ‎experience.‎
  • A number of advanced and developed analytical devices, including several ‎analyzes and tests.‎

The specialization in our laboratories’ work is our excellence title in the ‎analytical work and our permanent motivation to develop and keep up the ‎analysis methods with international accredited testing methods. Thus, the ‎different society needs and the wishes of its various sectors will be achieved and ‎complied.‎

Chemical Analysis Laboratory and Biological Analysis Laboratory

Several materials and commodities are subjected to various chemical and ‎biological tests carried out by both: Chemical Analysis and Biological ‎Analysis laboratories, and these materials include:‎

This test examines the foodstuffs and raw materials and their viability for human ‎consumption through microbial and chemical tests; using the latest advanced ‎devices, as well as the latest international accredited methods adopted by the ‎Palestine Accreditation Unit (PALAC) at Palestine Standards Institution (PSI).

This test examines detergents and their raw materials, and to investigate their ‎quality conformity with the Palestinian standards through using the latest methods ‎accredited by PALAC for the public and private sectors.

This test examines animal feed and their raw materials, contents from chemical ‎polluting materials, nutritional value and their quality conformity with the ‎Palestinian Standards; using the latest methods accredited by PALAC for the ‎Public and Private Sectors.

These tests examine polymer and plastic materials including testing of plastic ‎‎(PVC) pipes and plastic water reservoirs made from polymer materials, and their ‎conformity with the international quality standards using the latest methods ‎accredited by PALAC.

A series of physical, chemical and biological tests, as well as a number of water-‎specific analysis.‎

Advanced Analysis Laboratory

This test examines medicines, cosmetics and their raw materials using the latest ‎international methods and modern technologies; to investigate whether they match ‎the global medicines references such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and ‎British Pharmacopeia (BP) standards.‎

These samples are offered by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and related factories ‎such as pharmaceutical factories, veterinary medicines, cosmetics and other ‎institutions.‎

This test examines air's major formulating gases in the atmosphere and volatile ‎organic compounds in addition to analyzing the air suspended particulates, such as ‎dust from the Palestinian quarries and crushers, factories, complexes and parkades ‎to ensure that they meet the Palestinian and international standards and ‎specifications.‎

Calibration and Validation Laboratory

The Calibration and Validation Laboratory at ACU is well-equipped with all ‎proper work constituents, in appropriate quantities and qualities of calibration ‎equipments, apparatus and tools required to provide professional and standard ‎conditions, and their accuracy commensurate with the requirements of the ‎Palestinian market.‎

This Laboratory has followed a special working system based on the last version ‎of the International Quality Standard for Testing and Calibration Laboratories ‎‎(ISO17025). In addition, the laboratory has controlled temperature and humidity ‎through an air-conditioned room. ‎

The Calibration and Validation Laboratory provides its services in the following ‎fields:‎

This accredited service holds a certificate of accreditation No. 32 in the fields ‎described in its appendix and provides its services in the field of industrial ‎calibration of laboratories and the diverse production institutions of the ‎Palestinian market.‎

Toxicology and Suspicious Materials Laboratory

Poison and Drugs Abuse Analysis Test

This test examines drugs of abuse, toxins, suspicious packages/materials and is ‎used for investigative matters of the Ministry of Justice and various institutions ‎concerned with citizens protection in Palestine.

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