Aims & Objectives

ACU Objectives include the following:‎

  • Providing specialized chemical and microbiological analysis services for ‎several materials and products; including foodstuffs, food additives, ‎medicines, detergents, raw materials, pesticides, polymers and feed.‎
  • Advanced Assays conduct for substances such as toxins and suspicious ‎materials testing, in addition to medicines, food additives and raw ‎materials.‎
  • Ecological Assays, especially for Air, drinking water and waste water ‎testing, and measuring the pollution degree for each.‎
  • The conformity measurement and adjustment of materials being examined ‎to the local and international standards.‎
  • Affording the technical consults and analytical expertise to develop and ‎improve local production based on the available expertise at the university.‎
  • Practical training programs conduct in the various analytical fields and ‎submitting them to graduates and employees in the different sectors.‎
  • Graduate students’ assistance in conducting research and scientific studies ‎from the unit working field.‎
  • Following up the latest accredited global testing methods and analysis, and ‎working on their application in the applied analysis procedures in the unit, ‎after being subjected to various measurements of verification we have.‎
  • Development of various testing methods and conduct studies on these ‎methods. So, keeping up these methods with multiple community needs ‎will be achieved.‎
  • Submitting the Calibration services to verify the metrology tools used in ‎industries, market and testing and calibration laboratories.‎
  • Supporting the application of the national standards of measurement.‎
  • Providing consultancy services in field of the calibration and metrology ‎science ‎
  • Holding training courses on calibration and its equipments for industrial ‎institutions and laboratories.‎
  • Participating in establishing a national calibration laboratory to involve all ‎the reference instruments and devices.‎
  • Participating in spreading the culture of quality concept by holding or ‎participating in conferences and workshops, and issuing the relevant ‎bulletins

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