Analysis and Calibration Unit (ACU)‎

The Analysis and Calibration Unit (ACU) provides comprehensive and ‎integrated services in the fields of chemical, biological and advanced ‎analysis for many materials and products necessary for the Palestinian ‎society. ‎

It works to maintain and develop the local production by providing ‎calibration services for the instruments and tools being used in various ‎production and service processes.‎

Therefore, the ACU strives to support the Palestinian society with its ‎all sectors and various fields of life, and provides essential research ‎results on the chemical and biological analyses for both researchers and ‎the community.‎

The Analysis Unit is the first unit of the Analysis, Poison Control and Calibration ‎Center (APCC), specialized in providing the comprehensive and integrated ‎services in the fields of chemical, biological and advanced assays for several ‎materials and products necessary for the Palestinian society. ‎

These include food, food additives, medicines, detergents, raw materials, ‎pesticides, feed, water and air. In addition to the conformity testing extent of these ‎materials to local and international standards.‎
The Analysis Unit has the Palestinian Accreditation Certificate, which is certified ‎by the Palestine Accreditation Unit (PALAC) / Palestinian Ministry of National ‎Economy under No. (LAC-016)‎.

To complement the mission of An-Najah National University in providing the ‎Palestinian society support in its all sectors and various fields of life, the ‎Scientific Centers Administration has found that there is a necessity to establish ‎the Calibration Laboratory; to be a specialized service in the field of calibration ‎of devices and tools used in various production and service processes. The Lab. is ‎also working on submission of these services to the APCC Center, all university’s ‎departments and to the community.‎

The Calibration Laboratory is also certified by the Palestine Accreditation Unit ‎‎(PALAC) / Palestinian Ministry of National Economy under No. (LAC-031)‎

Through the prevision of An-Najah National University in restructuring the ‎scientific centers to achieve the highest efficiency, the APCC Center management ‎has developed its structure; by combining the Calibration Laboratory to the ‎Analysis Unit in one integrated unit under the title of "Analysis and Calibration ‎Unit (ACU)", and its leading role is to submit the community with integrated ‎analysis and calibration services and to be in accordance with established ‎standards and regulations.‎

The ACU strives to provide the Palestinian community with its all demands from ‎comprehensive and integrated services in the fields of chemical and biological ‎analysis and advanced assays of many of its essential materials and products, in ‎addition to calibration and metrological services in a high quality at the national ‎and international levels for the different related sectors.

Our mission is based on several axes:‎

  • Preservation of the rights, health, safety and environment of citizens; through the ‎optimal submission of various analysis services for all Palestinian society sectors and ‎their development, metrological means & methods standardization and development, ‎and metrology devices calibration and their subsequent adjustment.‎
  • Working on the continuity and development of the local production
  • Active participation in the national economy support
  • Standardization of the measurements results in Palestine and to obtain an ‎international recognition for these measurements.‎

We build our reputation through our thought based on Respect, ‎Communication and Integration to accomplish the optimal calibration ‎application locally and internationally.‎

We believe that Achieving Success is vital for all, and Trust-based ‎Partnership is the principle of our Mission, Life and Identity.‎

Integrating the Efficiency and Effectiveness to our work and submitting ‎services to our customers in competitive costs and the recommended ‎quality is our ultimate goal.‎

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