Programmes and Activities

As a response to the various community sectors wills and in order to meet ‎the community diverse needs, the APCC task has been developed to conduct ‎various assays and analyzes using well-developed and advanced analytical ‎tools with the latest international and accredited testing methods for many ‎samples and materials examination.‎

List of Examinations and Analyzes:

  • Microbiological Assays
  • Chemical Assays
  • Poisons and Suspicious substances related Assays
  • Drugs, Cosmetics and Raw Materials Assays
  • Specialized assays according to sample type (food, detergents, feed, ‎polymers, etc...)‎
  • Special assays for air and water and the pollution degree ‎measurement for each.‎
  • Legal and industrial calibration and validation of the measuring tools ‎being used in both the market and assay and calibration laboratories.‎
  • Biosciences and clinical researches and medical assessments of local ‎pharmaceutical factories as per the requirements of WHO and the ‎Palestinian Ministry of Health (MoH).‎


Due to the extensive experience of the staff in its competence fields, the APCC ‎Center has developed a specialized training programs – for the private and public ‎sectors - for inspection devices used in the examination of food, medicine, ‎cosmetics and detergents.‎

List of Training Courses:‎

  • The use of Advanced Chemical Analysis Instruments
  • Olive Oil Analysis.‎
  • Milk and Dairy Products Analysis.‎
  • Chemical Analysis of Detergents.‎
  • Examination of Food and Medicines Microbiology - Practical Course


The APCC provides the necessary services and facilities for post-graduate ‎students to conduct the essential chemical and biological analysis for their study ‎researches, in addition to the Center's participation in several projects and studies ‎related to the examination of food, medicine, cosmetics, detergents and ‎environmental pollution. ‎

The APCC also conducts Bio-equivalence studies (BE) and clinical studies ‎related to drug quality, so as to obtain an effective and safe medicines for use; ‎through the joint cooperation with local and regional pharmaceutical factories ‎and synergic work for the sake of scientific research development.‎


The APCC provides the community with several unique services to meet its ‎various needs, and has the capabilities to support the Palestinian industries in ‎establishing and supervising its own laboratories.‎

The most important services provided by the APCC to the Palestinian productive ‎institutions are:‎

  • Helping those institutions in establishing internal laboratories, that are ‎capable of examining the quality determinants for each product, through‎‏:‏
  • Providing the latest techniques of testing methods and tools validation ‎within the hands of decision makers in these institutions and also
  • Contribution in the development of already existing laboratories
  • Providing Special programs for laboratories equipment, tools and testing ‎methods. Full updating will be recommended for better laboratory ‎activation process.‎

APCC is effectively participating in solving several problems of the production ‎processes or the final products, and providing consultancy services in that. Also, ‎APCC is working on the products industry development to ensure their ‎compliance with the relevant specifications.‎

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