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International Youth Exchange Programme (Zajel)‎

The International Youth Exchange Programme (Zajel) aspires to bridge a closer ‎understanding between Palestine and the West and raise the international ‎volunteers’ awareness of the Palestinian cause as well as deepen the cultural ‎dialogue that is based on difference. It also aspires to plant the doctrine of ‎‎“accepting the other” inside An-Najah students.‎

Zajel aims at:‎

  • ‎Raising the western youth awareness of the Arab-Israeli struggle issues ‎and the Palestinian cause through involving them in the programme’s ‎activities.
  • ‎Demolishing the discarded image of the Palestinian people in the eyes of ‎the West.
  • ‎Abolishing the stereotyped image of Palestine and the Palestinian cause.

Right to Education

The International Youth Exchange Programme (Zajel) produced a number of ‎reports that document the occupation’s violence against An-Najah students. ‎Zajel has also organized several lectures to the international delegations on ‎siege policies, curfew, land confiscation, apartheid wall, internment and ‎executions.‎
To see reports, please click here.‎

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